Love Song Productions

Joe Kesselman is a generally helpful person who has run the sound board for us at many a convention, and also helped out in the ongoing construction of our recording studio.

Talis Kimberley is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Wiltshire, England. We have several album projects in production featuring her. Big Talis (about 5 feet tall) is also the namesake of Talis Thorndike Love, our daughter.

J. Spencer Love is the founder of Love Song Productions. He also heads up the engineering staff, such as it is.

Persis Thorndike is the business manager, and also the marketing and graphic arts departments. She'll have a web page here sooner or later.

Mary Ellen Wessels is featured on our label's album, Current Obsessions, and also one of our regular backup musicians.

More people (and perhaps a rogues gallery) should be added here. Except for an address, this hasn't been updated in ten years. People like: Merav Hoffman, Kathy Mar, Mark Peters, Ed Stauff, Harold Stein, and doubtless others.