|               		            /_ 
  \____         		         __/ _)
    /   \   /_   		       /    / '
   |/\   `-/ _)  	 	      |    |\/'
    \_ \ ___/___ 		  \___| )_ |_  

Samurai Moggy II

The Moggy Strikes Back

Words: Joe Kesselman. Copyright 1993
Music: "Nobody's Moggy Now", Eric Bogle (but see performance notes)
Inspiration: "Samurai Moggy", Gary McGath (not on line, but lyrics and music appear in The Mad Scientist's Songbook)

Somebody's Bulldog, by the side of the road
Somebody's Mack truck which won't move until it's towed
Someone's eighteen-wheeler whose tires all went flat
When it tried to argue right-of-way with Honorable Cat
	Yesterday it ran amok and cause pet owners grief
	Producing pancaked puppies at a rate beyond belief
	Now it's halfway through the guard rail with its driver underneath
It's nobody's Kenworth now

You see, cats that dress as Samurai, though very seldom found
Are cats that guard their honor and will never yield their ground
So when the truck bore down on him to add him to its list
Our Tomokato proved that driver "never would be missed"	(*)
	So listen to me, truckers all: If you don't want to wreck
	Don't try to argue with that cat. He'll send you straight to heck
	And you'll lie there on the shoulder with your truck upon your neck
Don't tangle with things that Meow!

Performance notes: Ideally, the quoted phrase (*) should break into the appropriate melody from The Mikado, as a musical reference back to Gary's song. It takes a bit of fiddling, but it does work.

Regarding scansion: "You see" is a pair of grace notes. The rest of it should be fairly obvious.

Permission is granted to reproduce, and perform, this song for non-profit purposes only. Authorship information and this message must be included in any reproduction. Acknowledgment of authorship during performance would be appreciated, as would feedback on the song's reception, but neither is officially required. Filk is supposed to be fun, not work!

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