Sketch copyright 2000 Joe Kesselman

Adieu, Sweet Nancy

Space Chanty

Words: Joe Kesselman. Copyright 1994
Music: Traditional fo'c'stle ballad

Adieu, sweet lovely Nancy,
Ten thousand times adieu;
For my ship departs at dawn, my love,
To seek for something new.
Come change your ring with me, dear girl,
And wear mine in its place
That it might be a token of true love
While I am out in space.

And now our ship is rising;
You can hear it from afar
As we few souls brave the sea of space
To seek another star.
The silence of the void now yields
Before our engines' roar
As we sail through the galaxy
New systems to explore.

But when I'm far away from Earth
You'll know not of my plight,
For radio waves, unlike our ship,
Go only as fast as light.
The loving words I send to you
Fall back into my past,
So we'll listen to them together
When I reach home at last.

But when the journey is over
And we're back on Earth's fair shore,
I'll rejoice to see my family
And the friends I knew before.
By then you'll have your license, Love,
And Earth will set you free;
It will be my turn to remain at home
While you depart over c.

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