Filk music sounds interesting. Where can I learn more?

There are many filk resources on the Internet, and the number is growing rapidly. This is a sampling which is by no means complete or even systematic...

On Fidonet: The Filk Echo, maintained by Kay Shapero. This is also gated to the Usenet ("net news") as, and you can find a webified copy of the "Filk FAQ" on Kay's webpage. Good discussion, ranging from new songs (and critiques thereof) to questions of what "works" at a filksing, to the perennial debate about where (and if) filk's boundaries can be found. (The older newsgroup,, still exists but is mostly inactive except for spam and as a place to post ballads too bawdy for r.m.f.)

There are many filk-related web pages; I've listed a few here to get you started. (Yes, I know that too many of these are LOST LINKs; it's been too long since I've maintained this page. "Working...")

You also might want to explore the Filker's Bardic Ring, which ties together many filk-related webpages. (To join the ring, go here.)

There's also, which provides links to German filkers. (Can't read German? Don't panic; this page, and a surprising percentage of the songs, are in English...)


Don't just sit there reading -- sing something! Here's when and where...

Filkers at play

These pages were selected in large part because their authors included at least a few of their own songs. Some of the collections are in fact quite extensive. The folks indicated in bold are suggested starting points -- folks who produced a lot of output of consistantly high quality, and who may be a good starting point for folks not familiar with the genre. (If a name isn't so marked, it does NOT necessarily mean that person isn't a "big-name filker" -- it may just mean I haven't gotten around to updating that entry yet.)

Audio links:

Research tools:

Filk organizations and disorganizations:

People helping to foster the growth of filking, in various ways.

Topic-based filk indexes (indices?)

Purveyors of fine filk:

A few places where you can buy published filk -- sheet music, recordings, and so on.

"More, More! I'm still not satisfied!"

If you just can't get enough, here are a few hints on how to find Still More Filk on the Internet.

There are also items which most filkers would agree definitely aren't filk but which are science-fiction-related music in some sense:

Some of Walkabout's folk links may also be useful and interesting to filkers.

Of course the best way to learn about filk is to attend a filksing -- at a science fiction convention, at a filk festival, or one of the "house filks" organized by the clubs you'll see mentioned in the above pages. Music is meant to be heard, not read!
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